Physician VIP Program

All of our physicians are VIP’s!  Other services may promise excellent customer service but only On-Call for Kids DELIVERS top-notch service.  Here is how we guarantee YOU are treated like a VIP:

    1. Direct Contact: We like to maintain regular face-to-face visits with you in order to better keep our lines of communication open.  We constantly strive to serve you better.
    2. Office Training:  We can provide your office with informative power point presentations for your office staff on topics such as Telephone Triage, Risk Management and Customer Service.  We also offer CE opportunities to office nurses! Call us for more information.
    3. Fostering Patient Loyalty to You:  We support you and the relationships you have with your patients.  We want your patients to know that their doctor chose On-Call for Kids because they care about the quality of service their patients receive during office hours AND after-hours!  We see ourselves as partners with you in caring for your patients.
    4. Networking for You!  On-Call for Kids participates in many community and business networking events.  We’d like to promote your practice as well.  Give us your brochures or business cards and we will pass them along!


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