About Us

On-Call for Kids, Inc. is a service that provides pediatricians and their patients the best after-hour telephone triage and advice service possible!  Our 20 years of pediatric triage experience of 10 years of successful business experience certainly gives us the expertise that is required to provide our physicians and patients what they need:  professional,  caring, personalized triage service, tailored to the needs of each physician.  That is On-Call for Kids!

Quality Beyond Compare

Our triage system delivers quality care that will surpass  your expectations.  Our Quality Assurance Program identifies what standards we expect and continuously measures how well we perform.  We return calls within 30 minutes but typically within 10 minutes.  This quick response is a priority for On-Call for Kids.  A Board Certified Pediatrician serves as our Medical Director overseeing our policies, procedures and QA program.   The standards we uphold are based on the AAACN Telehealth Standards.  This means piece of mind for you that your patients are in the best hands.

Our Pediatric Registered Nurses

There is no doubt about it!  No where will you find pediatric nurses that truly love the opportunity to care for children as we do at On-Call for Kids. We only utilize pediatric RN's with many years of experience that have successfully completed our extensive training program.  Although our nurses do not provide a medical diagnosis, we do follow pediatric protocols established by Dr.  Barton Schmitt. Our nurses understand that having an ill child can be very challenging, therefore, we provide parents with information, reassurance and guidance in a warm, supportive manner.   All of our RN's carry professional liability insurance.

Professional Online Documentation

We utilize a professional online form for documenting calls so that physicians can access and print calls at their convenience, 24 hours a day!  Our form ensures that all documentation is legible, standardized and complete.  Our forms can be easily added to a patient's EMR or paper -based record.

Fostering Patient Loyalty to You

We support you and the relationships you have with your patients.  We want your patients to know that their doctor chose On-Call for Kids because they care about the quality of service their patients receive during office hours AND after-hours!  We see ourselves as partners with you in caring for your patients.  We are on call for you evenings, weekends and holidays so you can have time away knowing your patients are being cared for by the best service.

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